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Launched in 2007, Behind the Wheel is a multi-platform automotive media outlet delivering practical information (car reviews and product reviews) specifically tailored to real Australian consumers.

With the non-enthusiast in mind, Behind the Wheel’s singular goal is to lead the way forward in equipping the annual one million plus Australian car buyers with the essential tools to make an educated, well-informed automotive purchase.

By nurturing a progressive and forward-thinking culture through our highly respected thought leaders, who are actively reinventing the future of our industry, we work to inform, inspire and innovate. Alongside our inventive content delivery we consistently provide new, exciting and results driven marketing opportunities to the automotive sector.

We also pride ourselves on delivering the most useful, relevant and interesting car industry news, as well as truck news, motorcycle news, motorsport news, car advice and automotive podcasts.

The Behind the Wheel team

Joel Helmes

Joel is the founder and CEO of Behind the Wheel. Joel has a background as a radio broadcaster with on-air roles at 4BC, 4KQ, 2KY, 2LT and 2UE among others, as well as a news editor and program director.

Joel’s relationship with cars stems back to his early childhood learning to change oil and brakes with his father and uncle.  This continued on into his driving years owning an assorted collection of cars.


Chris Miller

Chris is a writer and co-host of the Behind the Wheel podcast. He is a radio broadcaster by trade and is an evening presenter on Magic 1278 in Melbourne with previous roles at several stations. He also does daily reports for the Australian Traffic Network.

A self declared car tragic and for as long as he can remember Chris has been obsessed with them. The inner child in him still gets excited when he spots something exotic on the road.


Peter Hitchener

DSC04104Peter is a recent addition to the team, coming on as a writer and co-host of the podcast in the past year. Peter is a familiar face to Victorians as anchor of Nine News in Melbourne for 17 years. Before that, he had a history in radio as a broadcaster at 3AW, 3AK, 4BH and the ABC.

Learning to drive on the farm as a kid, Peter was always drawn in by the look and design of cars.  A passionate enthusiast, he loves anything with four wheels and a motor and has owned and driven countless vehicles in his lifetime.


Simon Lai

Simon is our online editor and also heads our video production team. Much to his chagrin he is the go-to man for our product reviews as well and is known affectionately (we think) as the ‘International Man of Mystery’ on the Behind the Wheel Podcast/Radio Show.

Simon doesn’t profess to be a car nut but enjoys driving first and foremost and has a penchant for hot hatches. He helps to provide the everyday-man perspective.


Kate Richards

Kate_RichardsKate has always had an interest in writing and cars and now as a key member of the Behind the Wheel website team she gets to spend her days consumed by both.

Aside from being a contributor and an editor at Behind the Wheel, Kate enjoys driving her Lancer EVO and walking her beloved dog, Max!


Steve McDowall

Steve McDowallSteve is the team’s motorcycle writer and podcast contributor. He is also an accredited rider trainer, consultant and coach.

His fascination for anything with wheels and an engine started as a child but his true passion lies with motorcycles. Check out Steve’s website – motorcyclelife.com.au



Mat Coch


Mat is a contributor and looks after the motorsport content for the website.

Based in Sydney but widely travelled, Mat Coch began reporting on Formula One in the mid-2000s. In 2014 he founded Velocity, Australia’s only monthly motorsport magazine.

Passionate about motorsport, Mat is an expert on Formula One.


Rachel Franco

Rachel_FrancoRachel loves to drive and review cars and is also a regular on Behind the Wheel Radio/Podcast providing advice to car owners/buyers. She has a varied background in the corporate sector, graphic design and photography.

Growing up with an interest in cars from an early age thanks to her car-dealer uncle, Rachel has a deep appreciation of not only how a car drives and its design aesthetic, but also how it makes you feel.


Garry Fabian

Garry Fabian - Behind the WheelGarry is a contributor to Behind the Wheel. He has been a freelance journalist for over 25 years across a wide range of subjects, including technical and health areas.

He has written weekly car reviews and automotive articles and historic features for a number of newspapers and magazines.


Dave Conole

Dave_ConoleDave is a contributor to Behind the Wheel. He has a great depth of experience in automotive media and motorsport commentary.

Previously the co-anchor of events such as the Top Gear Festival and Muscle Car Masters, Dave is a freelance car review journalist and content creator. Check out Dave’s blog – awheelthing.com


Syndicated Radio Content

We produce and distribute daily automotive radio segments and a weekly automotive program to radio stations across Australia.

Our content is available to commercial radio stations, community radio stations, narrowcast radio stations and networks.

For more information on our free syndicated radio content – contact us.

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