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Behind the Wheel Podcast 466

September 14, 2017 Kate Richards

Another laugh fest this week as we get a Yummy Mummy on the show! We’ll hear about an all new electric car that has more to offer than you’d think and there’s news from one […]

Behind the Wheel Podcast 465

September 7, 2017 Kate Richards

Lots of laughs this week, some genuine belly laughs, some quite lame – but that’s how we roll! There’s likely to be a bit of car talk too on this edition of the Behind the […]

Behind the Wheel Podcast 464

August 31, 2017 Kate Richards

It’s concept cars and dogs on this episode of the Behind the Wheel Car Podcast – with a few car reviews and a bit of stupidity thrown in! Adam Davis from BMW Australia has got […]

Behind the Wheel Podcast 463

August 24, 2017 Kate Richards

Another ridiculously jam-packed Behind the Wheel Car Podcast this week. We’ll delve into the world of hydrogen powered cars. Hyundai has recently announced a new mainstream hydrogen powered SUV, to be called FE – we’ll […]

Behind the Wheel Podcast 462

August 17, 2017 Kate Richards

We’ve got a bar of Solvo handy as we roll up our sleeves this week and get dirty with another big episode of the Behind the Wheel Car Podcast. We drive the utterly amazing Lexus […]

Behind the Wheel Podcast 461

August 10, 2017 Kate Richards

Pete, Chris and the team are back! We’ve got everything and a bit more this week on this week’s edition of the Behind the Wheel Car Podcast! In the last two years there have been […]

Behind the Wheel Podcast 460

August 3, 2017 Kate Richards

We’ve got it all on this car podcast! Some good news from the Queensland Government this week about electric car charging infrastructure – Behyad Jaffari, CEO of the Electric Vehicle Council of Australia, joins us […]

Behind the Wheel Podcast 459

July 27, 2017 Kate Richards

It’s a whopper Behind the Wheel Car Podcast The Takata Airbag Scandal continues to drag on and it’s really hit home here in Australia in the last week. Tens of thousands of cars are being […]

Behind the Wheel Podcast 458

July 21, 2017 Kate Richards

This week on the Behind the Wheel Car Podcast we try and name Australia’s best ute. It’s a huge market, it’s massively profitable for the car companies and consumers are lapping them up, even Mercedes-Benz […]

Behind the Wheel Podcast 457

July 13, 2017 Kate Richards

An electrified edition of Behind the Wheel Nearly ten years ago the very first Behind the Wheel daily radio segment aired on Australian radio – now 2500 segments later, it’s time to pay tribute to our […]

Behind the Wheel Podcast 456

July 6, 2017 Kate Richards

It a plethora of cars this week! We’re headed into the red centre this week to get a proper taste of the all-new Land Rover Discovery. This SUV/4×4 comes to the market with some big […]

Behind the Wheel Podcast 455

June 29, 2017 Kate Richards

We’re headed back in time this week Back to the 1970’s in fact as we shine a spotlight on an Aussie Icon – the Holden Sandman. Pete’s been hanging out with the guys from the […]

Behind the Wheel Podcast 453

June 15, 2017 Kate Richards

We’re in performance car mode this week Pete and Chris take you live to the launch of the all-new McLaren 720S. It’s their latest road going supercar and it’s a lot more reliable than their […]

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